Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Seam Repairs

Carpets are manufactured in twelve feet long rolls and your halls or rooms are large, a seam is placed in between two carpets. Professional carpet technicians will install a seam in between two carpets by industrial tapes and glues to provide and complete the carpet installation. The carpet seam is either invisible or nearly visible depending upon the quality and appearance of the carpet and the efficiency of the carpet installation service. If you happen to see any problem with carpet seams than you require carpet seam repair service. Professional carpet technicians can be contacted to fix the seam issues that are observed in your carpet installations.

A well-executed seam will always consist of two straight edges of carpets and some industrial seam tape under it and some sealer or glue. The industries and manufacturers design the carpets in a way that they should seam together perfectly. If done perfectly and appropriately, two seamed carpets will join for a lifetime

Carpet Seam Repair
Carpet Seam Repair

Carpets Coming Apart at the Seams?

If you happen to see the carpet is coming up, then chances are the seam is to be put to blame. Lift the carpet up slightly and see what’s in there. If there is some industrial tape or some glue then yes your carpet is having seam issues or it is coming apart form seams and it will require Carpet Repair Picketts Valley

What Causes The Carpet To Come Apart at Seams

  • The most common cause of this is the improper sealing of the two carpets. When the two carpets are not properly seamed then chances are one of either of the two will come apart. Some may take a lot of time to come apart while others can fall apart within a day of getting a new carpet installation.
  • Split carpet seams can also happen if the installations were fine but the seams were not thoroughly secured or properly aligned well. Carpet seams will also come apart because of the use of low-quality seam tapes and adhesives.
  • The reason for carpet seam split is due to age and traffic.if the carpet if very old and has been suffering damage and heavy use than chances are the seams may split and fall apart. The carpets seams though are very durable but they are not designed to last for decades and face a lot of heavy use and chronic withering, so with time and chronic wear and tear, the seams will begin to deteriorate and split apart

 How Carpet Seam Repair is Carried Out?

  • The simplest way of carpet seam repair is when most of the seam of ok but a portion of the seam tape is losing its grip on the carpet. This can happen when the seam tape has been under melted or over melted through the years with all that climate changes. Seam tape can also lose its efficiency through carpet flood damage or carpet water damage. Best Carpet Repair Services in Sydney use industrial glue and will apply it to the seam tape that’s under the carpet and fix it properly
  • Some forms of carpet seam repair will require the use of latex/ Latex glue is used to fix the seams and industrial tape when there is too much moisture in between the seams. After applying the latex glue, a weight is left over it for a few hours.
  • Professional carpet technicians can also install a fresh new seam to fix the two carpets together. Carpet seam tape, a seaming iron and a carpet seam roller are used for this purpose. The tape is carefully adjusted under the compromised seam and the hot iron is applied on the seam tape to fasten the drying process. As the iron is moved along the seam, the two carpet edges are brought together and we press the carpet down into the molten glue with the use of our carpet tractor.
  • After carrying out carpet seam repair properly we carefully put some simple flat weights over the now repaired seams and we let the weights rest overnight.
Expert Carpet Seam Repair
Expert Carpet Seam Repair

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