5 Carpet Cleaning Ingredients You Should Never Mix

Even for people who prefer to include “Do it yourself” tricks in their cleaning schedule, the role of expert skill and knowledge should not be ignored. Many of us choose to clean carpets ourselves for a variety of reasons like cost saving, believing myths related to professional treatment, personal or familial health reasons, preferences of children and pets, and a much more flexible cleaning routine. Regardless of these benefits of DIY cleaning, like everything which is upright and wholesome, you need to exercise caution with homemade carpet cleaning solutions. There are some carpet cleaning ingredients which should not be mixed together. And that is the topic of our today’s article. Read on to learn about five cleaning ingredients you should never mix together.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

Don’t Mix These Carpet Cleaning Ingredients

Anyone who has studied chemistry in school knows that some substances do not mix well with each other. Improper solutions can cause burns, decay, and permanent stains in carpeting. This is one of the reasons why we recommend going for Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydney rather than trying DIY treatment. Saving a few bucks can prove to be a recipe for disaster.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar is a friend of every DIY cleaning homeowner. It is a cheap and effective solution for innumerable household problems from bathroom grout cleaning to fabric softener.

Vinegar is the go to solution for every person who wishes to be non-toxic and cost efficient in their cleaning routine. But this does not mean you can use vinegar in every situation. Moreover, you should never mix it with baking soda, another DIY carpet cleaner, to make your own stain removal solution. The mixture can cause leave burns on the fabric of your carpet.

Rubbing Alcohol and Bleach

Some exceptional DIY trick lovers go an extra mile and use bleach to clean carpets. But in doing so, they endanger its soft fibres. In addition to this, some people also mix it with rubbing alcohol to create a strong solution.

Did you know that bleach and rubbing alcohol are one of the main ingredients of chloroform? Even a mild exposure to chloroform is dangerous for your lung health. It can also aggravate respiratory problems in asthma patients.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services
Best Carpet Cleaning Services

Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar do not go well together. Why? It’s simply because their PH levels are on the opposite sides of the scale. Individually, they are great for removing tough stains and sanitising carpets, but when mixed together they form a corrosive acid.

The acid so formed is called Peracetic acid. It can burn pretty much anything which comes in direct contact with the solution, including your skin!

Vinegar and Castile Soap

Unlike previous solutions, a mixture of vinegar and castile soap is not fatal. Nonetheless, you should avoid using them together. Adding an acid like vinegar to castile soap will melt it down and make it useless for cleaning. All you will get is a thick piece of gunk. You won’t be able to clean anything with it.

So while this mixture is not dangerous, it’s not very productive either. You will be better off using them one at a time. Pour vinegar to remove deep stains and then remove any residue with castile soap — but never mix them together. It will only be a waste of resources.

Vinegar and Bleach

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out this one. If you have ever created a solution of these two chemicals then you would know better already. When bleach is mixed with an acid, vinegar, it releases poisonous fumes in the air. The fume itself is toxic enough to give you a chemical burn. Surely, you don’t want to pour this on your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning With Vinegar And Bleach
Carpet Cleaning With Vinegar And Bleach

Use Homemade Solutions, But With Caution

Just because a solution is made of natural ingredients does not mean it is safe for use. Before mixing any ingredients to make a carpet solution, make sure the resulting combination will guarantee a safe cleaning experience for both you and you carpet.

Chemical burns and toxic fumes are of no use in carpet maintenance. Moreover, a hospital bill will be much bigger than that of professional carpet treatment. Even something well-intended can be deadly if you do not exercise due caution.

While we do encourage homemade and natural carpet cleaning solutions, you have to understand that they are not suitable for everyone. Better to be safe than sorry. Hire services of professional carpet technicians who use safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Better to Be on The Safe Side, Hire Professionals

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